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Old Earth Creationist Books

The column at right contains a listing of known Old Earth creation science and Theistic Evolution books.  To view a book, click the link.  It will appear in the window below.  The latest book appears by default in the window.  If you know of any not on this list, please email.

Page updated 22 January 2018



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Progressive Creationism Books


Why the Universe Is the Way It Is

A Biblical Case for an Old Earth

Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

More Than a Theory

Genesis One: A Scientific Perspective

Navigating Genesis

Creation As Science

Who Was Adam?

Peril In Paradise

A Matter of Days

Origins of Life

Creation and Evolution

Creation and Time

The Genesis Question

Genesis One and the Origin of Earth

God Said It and Bang! It Happened

The Creator and the Cosmos

Beyond the Cosmos

The Fingerprint of God

God's Truth

A New Look at an Old Earth


Theistic Evolution Books

Adam and the Genome

Creation and the Origin of Species: The Biblical Perspective on Evolution

Thank God for Evolution

Four Views on the Historical Adam (2013)

The Language of God

Honest to Genesis

Origin of the Human Species

Perspectives on an Evolving Creation

Random Designer

Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution

The Theory of Creation

With God All Things Are Possible

Books below are Out of Print - Limited Availability

Adam, Apes, and Anthropology


Foundation, Fall, and Flood


Man Creatures


Intelligent Design Books

Intelligent Design

Mere Creation


General Old Earth Creation Science Books

Adam Names the Animals 

Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth

Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth

Where the Bible Contradicts Creationists

The Unintended Disservice of Young Earth Science 

The World is not Six Thousand Years Old - So What?

The Real Genesis Creation Story

God: An Unauthorized Biography

The Biblical Flood

Bruce and Stan's Guide to How It All Began

Creator and Creation (creation book from a Catholic perspective)

Christianity and the Age of the Earth

Coming to Peace with Science

Creation & Evolution 101

The Creationists

The Fourth Day

Genesis and the Big Bang

The Genesis Debate

God's time-records in ancient sediments (Entire book online for free)

The Hidden Face of God

Neglect of Geologic Data (Entire book online for free)

Reading Genesis One

Science and Christianity

Science and Faith

The Science of God

Show Me God

Is the Truth Out There

Understanding Genesis: Contemporary Adventist Perspectives