Who Was Adam?  A Creation Model Approach toWho Was Adam the Origin of Man

by Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Fazale Rana

Published 2001 (Paperback): 272 pages

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Review of Who Was Adam?


   Was Adam an accident of nature, or a creature designed with significance and purpose?  Did humans descend from an ape-like ancestor through lucky happenstance, or were the first man and woman deliberately created, made in God's image?

   Evolutionary theory dominates academic thought and public discourse as the only valid explanation for humanity's origin.


  • The hominid fossil record

  • Neanderthals

  • JJunk DNA

  • Human and chimp genetic similarity


   Many observations appear to validate Darwin's ideas. But do they?  Long before Darwin, a man named David voiced a different view.  And, both men can't be right. 

Recent discoveries, some with biblical overtones, are causing many scientists to abandon traditional evolutionary accounts in favor of a radically different explanation.  In Who Was Adam? biochemist Fazale Rana and astronomer Hugh Ross discuss many of these advances and propose a new scientific model for human origins, a creation model.  Can human evolution be declared a fact?  Or does creation make more scientific sense?  RTB's biblically consistent model can be tested to answer the questions, with astounding results.