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   If you like what you see and want to support the ministry efforts, consider dropping a dollar bill or two in the mail to our post office box.  Contary to popular belief, it is not illegal to mail money. In fact, the majority of the money we receive has been paper money sent via mail.

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Has OEM Helped You?  Here's an example:

    I'd like or start off by saying how much of an inspiration you've become to me. I absolutely love this website, it has helped me defend myself in so many ways. You see, I'm 15, and live in a rural area where everyone seems to base their beliefs on YECism. The churches in my area take the same stance. I've always been a heavy believer in a Old Earth, and firmly believe that Science and Scripture do not have to be two separate things. Because of this, I have had my beliefs attacked time and time again by fellow Christians saying that I cannot believe in Old Earth and be a Christian at the same time. I try to respectfully defend myself and always make sure it's known that my goal isn't to "convert" anyone, just to get them to understand that even though I'm a believer in a Old Earth, I am still a devoted Christian! My arguments never seem to be strong enough, though. I can knock down many if their arguments, but sometimes they pull out one I don't have an answer for, and they use that said argument as proof saying I'm completely wrong. Thanks to this site, though, I've now been able to prepare myself for whatever is thrown at me, and am reassured that I truly can believe in a Old Earth and be Christian! I cannot thank you enough, and I look forward to using my new Geologist's Hammer!


 to help keep the work going (As little a mailing a dollar bill to our address below).  The website has been privately funded  since its creation in 2003.  Since OEM started accepting donations, we have received enough each year to fully pay the costs of the website.  Any money above and beyond the basic costs goes towards advertising, needed software purchases, or membership fees for professional organizations (such as the Geological Society of America (allows access to technical publications).



       In addition to monetary donations, prayer for this ministry is greatly appreciated.  Please pray that God would

  • use it to reach out to non-Christians, so they can realize that you can be a Christian and believe in an old earth. 

  • use it to reach out to Christians, so they can realize that old earth creationism is a valid alternative to young earth creationism

  • use it to reach out to the church as a whole, to increase awareness of old earth creationism

     Thank you to everyone who has supported the website, and thank you for your prayers.

     A final way to donate is to submit articles for publication.  If you are a biologist, geologist, astronomer, or just a person who is interested in these topics, consider writing articles in favor of an old earth.   


How to Donate


     Donations are accepted via Paypal, or if you desire, simply send in a dollar bill or two to the address below.  Thank you for considering a donation to Old Earth Ministries.  OEM is a small ministry, and is not a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so donations are not tax deductible.


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