The World Is Not Six Thousand Years OldThe World Is Not Six Thousand Years Old - So What?  

by Antoine Bret

Published 2014: 107 pages

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Why do so many think the Bible teaches that the universe is six thousand years old? There are many good biblical and historical reasons to read Genesis 1 nonliterally, and there are many good scientific reasons to think the universe is much older. Out of this misconception, some will lose faith, while others won't find it. This book was written for a large audience, gathering in a little more than one hundred pages the main biblical, historical, and astrophysical reasons to recognize that the universe is far more than six thousand years old. Contrary to some common views, scientists do not simply assume physical laws have been the same in the past. They observe it.


''Antoine Bret demonstrates with admirable clarity how multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the universe is ancient. He also convincingly shows that this is no threat to Bible-based Christianity, but, on the contrary, that a rigid literalism does a serious disservice to the biblical creation texts.''
--Rodney D. Holder, St Edmund's College

''This is an excellent account of why scientists believe that the world is billions of years old. For Christians with scientific or technical interests worried about whether the Bible and science contradict each other, this is a goldmine of information with practical anecdotes that will set their minds at rest.''
--Professor Bob White, University of Cambridge --Wipf and Stock Publishers