Beyond The CosmosBeyond the Cosmos

Dr. Hugh Ross


Published 1999 (2nd ed):  265 pages


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   From the Publisher: How can my choices be totally free if God is in control of all things at all times and knows the end from the beginning?  How can God hear my words and thoughts while listening to billions of others around the world at exactly the same moment?  How can God be all-powerful and all-loving and yet allow so much suffering and evil?

   These are complex paradoxes with far-reaching implications that have troubled people for centuries, testing the faith of those who believe in the biblical, personal God, and proving a stumbling block to those who do not.  But the phenomena that seem impossible in the four-dimensional world we know (the three dimensions of space, plus the dimension of time) can become comprehensible when examined in the context of extra dimensions.  What are the implications of a personal God who can operate in and beyond such a realm?

   The Bible is unique among the sacred writings of the world’s great religions, describing God as existing beyond the reaches of time and space as we know them.  In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Hugh Ross examines scientific evidence that confirms the Bible’s declaration about God’s role in creation and may help explain some of the great paradoxes of the Christian faith.

   Drawing on biblical teaching and scientific evidence that supports it, Dr. Ross invites us to know and experience God in a way we never have before.  As a result, our love and appreciation of Him will be dramatically deepened, and the way we relate to Him and to others—both believers and nonbelievers—will be changed forever.