Man Creatures:  How God Used Both His Spoken Word and Evolution to Create Man

By Daniel R. Williamson


Published 2006: 192 Pages

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   Creation and evolution are two sides of one coin. If either creationists or evolutionists were presenting the whole story of how man was created, the debate would have been over many years ago. However, both sides are too busy defending their own understandings and beliefs, which keeps them from reaching out and truly examining the others prospective. “Man Creatures” proposes that creation and evolution are both correct and are both by themselves incomplete. “Man Creatures” is the missing link between creation and evolution. “Man Creatures” bridges the gap between two seemingly opposite theories of how the world began. Discover how the story of creation, as found in the Bible, actually supports the theory of evolution. Author Daniel R. Williamson takes the reader on a journey through the days of creation accordingly to the Book of Genesis. By examining the words and asking us to question our standard interpretations, Daniel shows us how to look to the Scripture to interpret Scripture. If you are searching for a deeper understanding of God’s Word, or if you are one of the many Christians who have struggled with reconciling Biblical interpretation with the evidence of science, this book is a must for you.