God Unauthorized BiographyGod: An Unauthorized Biography

by Kelly R. Harriger

Published 2009: 352 pages

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Does God really exist? Or is He just a grandiose delusion passed down through the millennia to help us deal with our nagging need to find a purpose for our existence? The author grew up in a believing household, never questioning the existence of God, but as he grew older and more interested in his faith, he developed a driving need to know whether or not his faith was justified. A totally blind faith, one that couldn't be supported with any hard evidence, just wouldn't do. If God was real, then He must have left a trail of evidence for a rational thinker to follow. But if there wasn't any trail to follow, then all faith would be blind, and any faith would do as it would become little more than a set of guidelines to follow in an attempt to lead a spiritual and moral life. The author began his exploratory journey with a set of questions that needed to be answered. Do any of the world's religious scriptures reveal information that has parallels in scientific discovery? Do any of the world's religious scriptures offer specific prophesies that have unfolded in recorded history? And lastly, did any of the world's religious scriptures provide a blueprint for living that could drastically change one's life from the inside out? As he sought answers to these questions, he discovered an overwhelming amount of supporting evidence, but it came with a catch: it all pointed in one decisive direction.