The Theory of Creation: A Scientific andTheory of Creation Translational Analysis of the Biblical Creation Story, by Jim Schicatano

Published 2001. 296 pages.

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   From the Publisher:  For over a century, the Holy Bible's account of creation has come under considerable scrutiny and derision by the scientific community, casting doubts on Biblical accuracy. But is such derision warranted?  Armed with the accepted principles of science, a keen understanding of Biblical literature, and no preconceptions, author Jim Schicatano decided to investigate the subject for himself. The result is a comprehensive and objective analysis of the first story of the Bible (Genesis 1:1 - 2:4).  The Theory of Creation answers the enduring questions of science and validates the Biblical creation story. It will be a source of inspiration for Bible readers everywhere, and is the Bible-versus-science resolution that every believer needs to read.