Bruce and Stan Guide to How It All BeganBruce and Stan's Guide to How It All Began

by Bruce Bickel, Stan Jantz

Published 2001: 319 pages

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How we answer that important question determines a lot about our values and beliefs about life. Bruce and Stan will help you think clearly and critically about the facts and opinions of science and how they affect our understanding of the Bible.
With their trademark humor and clarity, Bruce and Stan will be your guides through the following fascinating topics: Does science support the theory of evolution? What have scientists discovered about intelligent design? Can a Christian believe in the "Big Bang" theory? Science and the Bible: Can they work together?

This latest addition to the immensely popular Bruce & Stan series gives straightforward and easy-to-understand answers to questions about creation, evolution, intelligent design, and the role of science, and what these have to do with how we live our daily lives