Show Me GodShow Me God: What the Message from Space Is Telling Us About God (Wonders, 1)

by Fred Heeren

Published 2000 (2nd Ed): 404 pages

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In Show Me God: What The Message From Space Is Telling Us About God, science writer Fred Heeren interviews today's foremost cosmologists in order to explore how the latest findings bear upon the ultimate questions we all ask. In doing so, he introduces people of faith to the ways of astronomy, and enlightens astronomy enthusiasts in the ways of faith. Skeptics and believers are both led to ask: Have cosmologists stumbled upon evidence for God? Scientists see the usefulness of a work like this in "removing the barriers between faith and science". Written in a down-to-earth style with humor and a multi-media approach, this newly revised edition contains 100 new pages that include recent developments in the search for extraterrestrial life and the discovery of primeval galaxies. Show Me God is a fascinating tour-de-force for anyone with an interest in astronomy and religion.