Godís Truth:  A Scientist Shows Why it MakesGod's Truth Sense to Believe in the Bible, by Dr. Alan Hayward


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Published 1998:  330 Pages


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   From the Publisher:  Sensitive to popular skepticism, yet objective in his appraisal of the facts, Alan Hayward has collected an impressive array of arguments drawn from Biblical and scientific sources to convince even the most doubting of the world's Thomases that the Bible is, indeed, God's truth! God's Truth was first published in 1973 by Marshall, Morgan and Scott, London and received instant acclaim as a balanced defense of the Bible by scientists, ministers, Christian workers, and lay people. This revised edition was first published in 1983, and reprinted in paperback in 1998. The late professor F.F. Bruce advised the author on Chapters 16-18 and there is some overlap with arguments from Bruce's The New Testament Documents. The author also introduces some of his own scientific arguments developed in more detail in 'Does God Exist' and 'Creation and Evolution'. It is worth noting that the author, a physicist, takes a middle path between orthodox evolutionary biology and the evangelical Creation Science movement. Dr Hayward, while a Bible-believing Christian, does not advocate 'young earth' or 'flood geology' ideas. The meat of the book however is made up of arguments from the textual, historical and archaeological record.