Science and ChristianityScience and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence?

By Dr. Henry Schaefer III


Published 2003:  204 Pages

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   Known the world over, Dr. Schaefer's world-renowned university lectures have been expanded into full-length essays. Focusing on explaining how a person can be both a believer in Christ and a follower of science, Dr. Schaefer compares and contrasts the tenets of the two extremes. Thus we have a first-hand account of the lively (and timely) science vs. Christianity discussions by one of the major participants in the topic.

   In addition to addressing mind-boggling questions (Does God exist? Is there meaning in Life?), the book also describes how Dr. Schaefer became a Christian as a young professor of chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley, and how this momentous decision affected his career path. Throughout, the book retains the highly personal character of the university lectures and a delightful sense of humor.