Random Designer: Created From Chaos, ToRandom Designer Connect With the Creator

by Richard G. Colling


Published 2004: 202 Pages

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   Random Designer proclaims a new vision of God’s creation. In easy-flowing narrative, and with practical illustrations, Random Designer explains that the randomness and chaos which play such central roles in our physical existence are actually creative. The Creator simply taps these random physical processes to accomplish His higher goal – the creation of human beings capable of consciously perceiving Him.

   With this new awareness, we, as His ultimate creation, are free to explore the limits of our physical and spiritual potential. For the first time, we can discover what it means to be made in the Creator’s image, to sense and acknowledge His presence, and to experience a close meaningful relationship with Him. Join in humanity’s common journey to personally discover the Random Designer.
     This book falls under the category of Theistic Evolution.

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