Unindended DisserviceThe Unintended Disservice of Young Earth Science

by Andrew Balian

Published 2011: 490 pages

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Christian Attorney Andrew S. Balian, Esq., reveals young earth science as it is presented and practiced today has unintentionally damaged evangelism by insisting upon a non-essential point about the age of the Earth. The time is ripe to abandon the effort, and focus upon points that spread the faith. Young Earth Science (YES) has promoted the notion that if one cannot agree on a young earth in a world that has absolutely no doubt that a young earth is false, then one cannot trust the Bible. This means YES places an impediment to hearing the valuable facts to prove creation by God. YES also incorrectly rejected viable alternative readings of Genesis held 2000 years ago that support an earth older than 6000 years while even agreeing the creation week was 7 calendar days. This was the view of a gap between 'the beginning' and day one which view existed in the 400s and predominated by the late 1800s. It was unwisely rejected, along with other credible and reasonable alternatives to insisting the Bible teaches a young earth, insisting thereby that if science is correct, the Bible is false. This has been a tragic mistake of monumental proportions which surveys prove has led to an increase in atheists in the USA. Andrew Balian pleas for a wise prudence of suspending this issue in discussions with non-believers, and focusing upon the evangelism that matters and can win hearts and minds to Christ.


Andrew S. Balian is a licensed practicing attorney. He has been in practice for over 30 years.