God's Time Records in Ancient SedimentsGod's time-records in ancient sediments: Evidences of long time spans in Earth's history

by Daniel Wonderly

Published 1999 (3rd Ed): 230 pages

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From the preface:
"We will proceed mainly by discussing certain local sequences of sedimentary strata with respect to the lengths of time required for their
deposit and subsequent modification....Our main interest here is in taking a simple look at specific, local sedimentary records in the earth, in order to prevent us from falling into the error of ignoring their meaning, or of adopting illogical or unrealistic methods of explaining them." (p. 2)

This book deals with non-radiometric dating methods, and discusses such topics as "Coral reefs as a record of the past", "Limestone revealing the past", "Evidences from the sea floor", and "Recognizing time in nature's record". A lot of this evidence is developed from oil drilling core records, but the book is not overly technical. It also has chapters on "Early Christian responses to geologic discoveries" and "Christian responses of the twentieth century", as well as several appendices on topics such as the length of creation days, and death before Adam.

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