Is the Truth Out There?Is the Truth Out There? 

By Darrick Dean


Published 2003:  190 Pages

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   From the Publisher: The word truth presupposes that there are unchanging facts and laws. Are there such things or are there valid, differing truths for each person or belief system? Take a look at your newspaper, the television programs you watch or the books you read. How do you know what they say is true? What is real and what is fraudulent? Are those conclusions by authorities as concrete as they sound? Which arguments are hiding illogical or irrational ideas?

   The public education system rarely teaches people how to think logically or reason through a problem. How many people do you know believe something to be true, yet cannot explain why they accept it as truth? We all have a worldview which is our belief system that governs all aspects of our lives or is the glasses that we perceive the world through. How do these worldviews affect our perception on what is true? Which worldviews are rooted in fact?  Explore how to find truth by first establishing the tools of critical thought. Then subjects that range from history to science to religion will be put to the test. Reason is only the beginning, not the end.