With God All Things Are PossibleWith God All Things Are Possible

by Sairlys Jenkins


Published 2005. 132 pages

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   Review by an evangelical pastor...I am impressed with the knowledge that you poured into your writing, and the fact that you describe strange phenomena to me in a way that I could understand most of the time. You knew that I would label your work as theistic evolution, and you´re right about that. But theistic evolution is way ahead of atheistic evolution in my opinion. And you took it a step farther. You presented Biblical evolution, and I think you did a good job of that. If I have to take evolution as fact, I like yours better than any other I have heard about. To me a six day creation within the last 25,000 years is most acceptable. But you have made a good case for your position, and I respect that. We fully agree that God is vast far beyond our comprehension, in his being, his behavior, and his creation. We err if we take that away from him. You did not do that.