Where the Bible Contradicts CreationistsWhere the Bible Contradicts Creationists

by K. Scott Schaeffer


Published 2013. 148 pages

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From Amazon.com: Are you a Christian whom young earth creationists have accused of not believing Word of God, because you think the universe is billions of years old? Do they go as far as to say youíre calling God a liar? Fortunately, freedom from their oppression is here! Even the Bible Contradicts Creationists offers everything youíll need to refute their young earth geology arguments and feel good about your faith. This book isnít a science book. Rather, it examines every creation verse in the Bible and shows how a literal reading of each one shoots down the beliefs of young-earth creationism and better supports an old universe than it does a young one. Unlike most creationism books, this one doesnít make your head spin with detailed science, nor does it talk down to you with terminology that only a seminary professor would understand. This creationism book is for everybody!

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