Creation and the Origin of Species: The BiblicalCreation and the Origin of Species Perspective on Evolution

by Matthew R. McClure

Published 2012: 148 pages

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The existence of evolution does not contradict the scriptures of the Bible.  In fact, natural selection requires a literal interpretation of Genesis.  The Bible does not tell us the age of the earth, yet the biblical account is consistent with the geologic fossil record.  Creationism and Intelligent Design are not science, but can serve as applications of science.  The confusion, biases, and misconceptions surrounding the entire creation-evolution controversy are widespread, and are a major hindrance to the spread of the Christian Gospel.

In Creation and the Origin of Species, Dr. McClure provides an analysis of the major tenets of evolution, creation, and intelligent design, and offers a comprehensive biblically-based viewpoint of the fossil record, evolutionary theory, and the relationship between creation and science.


OEM STATEMENT: This is an excellent, concise book about how to merge evolution with the Bible, while maintaining beliefs in inerrancy and a literal interpretation of Genesis.