Honest to Genesis: A Biblical and ScientificHonest to Genesis Challenge to Creationism

by Dr. Margaret Gray Towne


Published 2004: 381 Pages

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   Honest to Genesis integrates the biblical creation accounts with modern evolutionary theory. It targets a broad audience, covering both the scientific as well as the theological dimensions of this subject which continues to erupt in the culture from courtroom to classroom to living room. Beginning upon foundations in critical thinking, it progresses to a historic overview of the dialogue between science and religion, especially as it pertains to evolutionary theory. Readers will learn how to examine the Bible in light of its unique cultural and geographic settings, its ancient languages, various authors and the thousand year time span of its composition. In addition, the foundations of evolutionary theory are delinated, incorporating the data from fields including geology, paleontology, biochemistry and biology. The very good news is that conflict need not exist between these often seemingly opposing disciplines if the biblical and scientific records, both written by the same divine Author, are appropriately interpreted.