The Genesis Question: Scientific Advances andThe Genesis Question the Accuracy of Genesis

by Dr. Hugh Ross


Published 1998: 239 Pages

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    Addresses issues in the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Excellent starting point for understanding creationism.

    From the Publisher: When pushed for examples, those who think the Bible contains scientific error often point to the early chapters of Genesis as proof—creation, the flood, 800-year life spans. Science has largely been silent on the subject—until now. Examining recent leading-edge scientific discoveries, Dr. Hugh Ross explores how these very chapters hold some of the strongest scientific evidence for the Bible's supernatural accuracy. The Genesis Question integrates the accuracy of both science and the Bible—without compromise—giving skeptics and believers common ground and opportunity for dialog. According to recent surveys conducted by Reasons to Believe, the perceived improbability of Genesis 1-11 is what keeps 90% of people from believing in the reliability of the Bible. Complete and up-to-date, The Genesis Question uses scientific data to provide readers with solid answers to their questions regarding scientific advances and the accuracy of Genesis. If you want to understand how the discoveries of science and the truth of the Bible relate, The Genesis Question offers a cutting-edge approach to integrate science and theology in such a way that neither is compromised.