Reading Genesis OneReading Genesis One

by Rodney Whitefield


Published 2003. 169 pages

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   This book is an exposition of the biblical Hebrew which both explains the grammar and determines the meaning of important Hebrew words by reference to other uses of the same word in the Bible itself. Based on the substantiated verb and word use, this book establishes and explains that:

1. Genesis One does not say that the Earth is young, i.e., about 10,000 years old. This fact is established independent of any interpretation about the length of the six days of creation.

2. The translation chosen for the Hebrew word yom is shown to not determine the age of the Earth, or the age of the universe.

3. Genesis One and the established physical history of planet Earth are not in conflict. There remains a conflict with the interpretations of Darwinism.

4. READING GENESIS ONE explains and critiques the typical arguments by which advocates of the Young Earth creation science position arrive at their conclusion.