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     Answers in Genesis is the main young earth creation science ministry in the United States and United Kingdom.  They conduct many seminars, speeches, and other events in these countries.    The topics below are rebuttals to AiG claims.

     In early 2006, Answers in Genesis split off from its parent organization, but kept the name (the parent is now Creation Ministries International).


Old Earth Ministries and Answers in Genesis - What's the Difference?


Ark Encounter News


Creation Magazine


     To see the rebuttals for this popular creation science magazine, click the header.  AiG and its predecessors published this magazine thru 2005.  AiG started the new Answers magazine in June 2006.


Technical Journal


     To see the rebuttals for this young earth creation science journal (also known as "TJ"), click the header.  AiG and its predecessors published this journal thru 2005.  AiG is replacing this with an online Journal of Biblical and Scientific Studies

Daily Feature

     Answers in Genesis publishes a daily feature on their website.  Rebuttals for this feature will be located here.



The Answers Book

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved

Old Earth Creationism on Trial

Refuting Compromise



Creation Museum

The Anti-Museum (off-site,
Creation Museum (Review from Rationality Now)
Museum Tour: Introduction
Museum Tour: Main Hall
Museum Tour: Starting Points
Museum Tour: Biblical Authority and Relevance Rooms
A short list of our articles on AiG by topic



More T-Rex Soft Tissue Claims

Aboriginal Dinosaurs?

AiG is Taking Dinosaurs Where???

Dinosaur Extinction

Paleontology Pioneers

T-Rex Blood Cells

T-Rex Soft Tissue

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved




Icky Ichthyosaur Claim

Buried Birth

Human Fossils

Flinders Fossil

Fossil Pollen

The Fossil Record

Re-Dating Human Fossils

Living Fossils

Moab Man




Chalk and Noah's Flood

Clarkia Fossil Beds

God's Broken Promise?




Ark Study Flawed

If All Elephants and Other Proboscideans are "One Kind", Why Can't All Primates be "One Kind"?



Chalk and Noah's Flood

Clarkia Fossil Beds

Australian Burning Mountain

Choking Claims

Coconino Sandstone

Dating Techniques

Eroding Continents

Floating Forest Theory

Islands That Deceive

Ken Ham's Misconceptions about Opals

Limestone Caves

Mudspring Surprise?

Navajo Sandstone

Petrified Deception


Sulfuric Acid Cave Formation

The Truth about Plastic Deformation

Yellowstone Petrified Forests





An Open Letter To Answers In Genesis: Regarding New Year's 2015 (Off-Site Link)

50th Year Celebration of 'The Genesis Flood' Book

Can Ham Tell the Simple Truth?

Decontaminating the Church

Bottled Lies


Creation Science in the Churches - Ken Ham's first article, from 1979





Greenland Aircraft Claims





Black Holes

Inflation Theory

YEC's Deceptive Attack on the Big Bang






A Young Earth...It IS the Issue!

Hebrews 4




Evolution and Murder?





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To learn more about old earth creationism, see Old Earth Belief, or check out the article Can You Be A Christian and Believe in an Old Earth?  

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