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T-Rex Blood (Sensational Dinosaur Blood Report)

Volume 19, Issue 4, September 1997


Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published 12 June 2003


     Way back in 1997, young earth creation science ministry Answers In Genesis published a report about an astonishing find of red blood cells in the bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.1  This truly would be a remarkable find, if true.  Since it was published, their report has been disproved by the main paleontologist involved, the famed Dr. Jack Horner.  Here is his email response to one individual inquiring about this subject.


>Hi Adrian,.....Young Earth Creationists are like the "Flat Earth" people of

>last century, they latch on to pieces of straw, ignoring the bale.

>No cells have been found in any dinosaurs, but the remnants of red blood

>cells have been hypothesized on the basis of Heme, a kind of iron produced

>biologically.  The discovery of heme, by my graduate student Mary

>Schweitzer, in a skeleton of T-rex (Not SUE, however, but the Museum of the

>Rockies Wankel T-rex) indicates that the remnants of cells can be


>1.  Was it really blood?  NO

>2.  Does it mean anything?  It means that under optimal conditions the

>fossil record can preserve some very interesting things that make it

>possible to hypothesize the nature of extinct organisms.



     Numerous other people have called the Answers In Genesis report into question, so much so that they produced a followup article.

     I’m not going to critique their articles, because they do not carry any significant evidence in support of young earth creation science (check them out yourself if you like).  However, I want to point out what I have always said about young earth proponents…it doesn’t matter what you say, or how good your scientific argument is against their theories…they will NEVER admit that they are wrong.  If they can’t come up with some lame article to explain away the old earth evidence, they will merely claim that “even if we don’t have all the answers, God does.  And He, in His good time, may raise up godly scientists to discover them.”2  In short, they are never wrong!

     Carl Wieland and his creation science colleagues have produced numerous error-filled scientific reports (due mainly to the fact that they are not scientists…see my article about this).  Their presuppositions rule out any possible truth to their work.  However, I thank God for them, and for the many other young earth theorists, for much spreading of the Gospel has been done by them.  Unfortunately, their passion for their work stems from their misinterpretation of the Bible, which has led to their dogmatic position on creation.  Even if shown the truth, they would refuse to believe it.

    I have been, and will continue, to pray for their ministry.  The purpose of Answers In Creation is to support old earth creationists, not to “convert” young earth believers to old earth belief.  May they continue to win souls for Christ…we in the old earth camp will do the same.  However, we do pray for a change in their hearts, that they would recognize that we are not the “enemy” that they make us out to be.


1  Creation Magazine, Volume 19, Issue 4.  Published on the web at


2   Young earth theorist Jonathan Sarfati, in The Yellowstone Petrified Forests


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