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Greg Neyman


      Greg Neyman is the founder of the old earth creationist website ministry Old Earth Ministries (formerly known as Answers In Creation).  He started the website in January 2003, in an effort to refute the false claims made by young earth creationist ministries, and to gain respect for old earth creationists.   He has written over 1,500 articles for the website, and has contributed over 5,000 hours of his spare time.

Greg Neyman


      Greg is a retired military officer, with a rank of Major.  While in the United States Air Force, he served in California (2 tours), North Carolina, Panama, South Dakota, Ohio, and in Baghdad, Iraq.

     Greg is married, and has three children. He is an avid disc golfer, railfan, and rock collector.





Degree:  B. S. Geology, Memphis State University

               (Outstanding Senior Graduate in Geology)

Graduate Work (M.A. in Religion), Liberty University

Memberships: Professional Member, Geological Society of America



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