Creation Science

Old Earth Ministries Authors


     The following authors have material published on the Old Earth Ministries website.


Jonathan Baker

Ruben Baron

Dennis Bonnette

Dr. Timothy K. Christman

Mike Hore

Dr. Kevin Henke

Glenn Morton

Greg Neyman

Dr. William (Bill) Parker

Mike O'Neil

Dr. Ken TerBeek

Dr. Rodney Whitefield





   The following author's material appears via links to their websites.


Mark Aardsma

Lane Coffee

Samuel R. Conner

Robert P. J. Day

Derrick Dean

Rich Deem

William Henry Green

Colin Humphreys

Rev. Lee Irons
Glen Kuban

Andrew MacRae

Dr. Joe Meert

John C. Munday Jr

George L. Murphy

Dr. Hugh Ross

Dr. Kenneth Samples

Henry F. Schaefer

Jim Schicatano

Steven H. Schimmrich

Chris Stassen

Tim Thompson

Dr. Roger C. Wiens

Jonathan Woolf





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