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I'm Australian, now living in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.  I became a Christian at 15.  I've worked most of my life in Bible translation, and completed a translation project in North Australia in 2010.  Before doing that I studied Science and completed a Masters in Computer Science (now called Information Technology).  I've also completed a degree in Theology.  As well as that, I've had a lifelong interest in astronomy, though I have no formal qualifications in that area.


Since finishing our translation work I've had opportunity to look at the claims of evolution, and my immediate reaction was "This isn't science!"  Also my wife and many of my close friends are Young Earth Creationists.  However I find the evidence for an old universe and old solar system to be overwhelming, so I'm most comfortable calling myself an Old Earth Creationist.  But obviously I'm having continuing exposure to YEC material, so I'm in a good position to keep abreast of their latest lines of argument.  I'm happy with their opposition to evolution, and with much of the material they present in that area, apart from the question of the age of the Earth.  I have great respect for their commitment to the Bible, however as I share that as well, I'm concerned that they are claiming the Bible is teaching things that in my view it isn't.  Anyway, I hope to make a contribution here that will be part of my own ongoing journey through these questions.


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