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Bottled Lies (Message in a Bottle)

Volume 22, Issue 3, June 2000


Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published 29 January 2003


     Young earth creation science advocate Tas Walker has produced an article about a bottle, which sank in a shipwreck in 1852.  He uses it as evidence that rocks don't take a long time to form (Message in A Bottle).1 

     You can skip down to his conclusion.  There, he states, "This unusual bottle, entombed in conglomerate rock, salvaged from the bottom of the ocean, shows us that rocks do not need millions and millions of years to form as evolutionists and other long-agers tell us." 

     No, "long-agers" have NEVER said it takes "millions of years" for ALL rocks to form.  Obviously, different environments produce rocks at different rates.  It's obvious that some rock layers take millions of years to be laid down, but individual rocks can form quite quickly.  This is nothing new.  This article merely proves that you can form a conglomerate around a bottle in 130 years.  Unfortunately, we already knew it.  Using it to disprove the age of the earth is merely a young-earth deception tactic that is probably older than this conglomerate.  

     The moral of this story…It is bad science to date the earth using a rock-encrusted bottle.

1  Creation Magazine, Volume 22, Issue 3.  Published on the web at



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