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Mudspring Surprise (A '165 million year' Surprise)

Volume 19, Issue 2, March 1997


Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published 29 Jan 2003

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     Dr. Andrew Snelling wrote an article titled "A '165 million year' surprise"  which appears on the young earth creation science website Answers in Genesis.1  He tells about an apparently amazing mud spring in England, that spouts out millions of years old fossils.  While nice to know, it proves nothing.

     I'm not going to try to explain this one.  I have no clue how this mud spring works.  What is important to note is, that Dr. Snelling has no clue either.  So, why snag this unexplained phenomena and use it to sling mud at the old-earth geologist?  It could be that the spring goes through layers of rock, dissolving it and releasing these fossils to be transported to the surface.

      Here we see an example of a common practice of the young earth creationist.  Have any follow-up studies been done since this article was published in 1997?  (Actually, this is a "modern" story by young-earth standards.  Many of the articles on their websites reference material in the 1970s and earlier.)  Of course, new research could possibly disprove their theories, so why post it? 

     What is the common practice?  Pulling facts out of context, and twisting it to fit their model, without giving the "full" exposition of the subject.

     Look at the bibliography...there have been five articles written about the mud spring in Geology Today, and all Dr. Snelling can come up with is a very small article to make the old earth geologist look bad.  Is this because a full exposition of these research articles would yield too much evidence that would disprove a young earth?

     The real motive of young earth creation science is apparently to extract "bits and pieces" out of research articles to try to prove their point.  However, such articles in which mud is slung at old earth believers and evolutionists proves nothing.


1  Creation Magazine, Volume 19, Issue 2.  Published on the web at



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