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     Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) was the ministry started by Kent Hovind.  It is based in Pensacola, Florida.  His website domain name,, shows that he refers to himself as a doctor.  However, he received his degree from an unaccredited university which is known as a "diploma mill,"  All you have to do to get a degree from them is pay the coursework required.   For more information, go to Google and search for "hovind doctoral degree."

      Hovind's staunchest followers are from the independent Baptist churches.  We have not provided many rebuttals to his theories, since many of them so easily rebut themselves.  For instance, according to Hovind, the way you kill a T-Rex is to rip off his small arm!  If I were facing a T-Rex, I think I would try a different method!

    Hovind is currently taking a ten year leave of absence from his ministry.  The work is being carried on by his son, Eric.  

Dinosaur/Plesiosaur Article Rebuttals

CSE and Dinosaurs


Dinosaur Extinction and Global Catastrophe

Birds from Dinosaurs? ("Fine Feathered Friends and Dinosaurs)

Plesiosaurs - What If?

The Moore's Beach Monster (Plesiosaur?)

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Geology/Radiometric Dating Rebuttals

Carbon Dating (Does Carbon Dating Prove the Earth is Millions of Years Old?)

More Clues the Earth is Young

Mount Saint Helens as Proof of Young Earth Creationism

Our Mysterious Past

Pondered Points

Water Can Move Mountains Rapidly

Wrong Assumptions Yield Wrong Answers (Radiometric Dating)

Astronomy Article Rebuttals

Black Holes

Supernova Remnants

Biology/Evolution Rebuttals

Did Darwin Miss the Obvious? - Article about extinction rate vs. speciation rate

Chromosome Count and Complexity

TTMCLS - Things That Make Christians Look Stupid (series of 11 articles)

Fossil Rebuttals

Fossils Don't Prove Evolution


Flood Rebuttals

Noah's Ark Does Not Prove a Young Earth

Thirty Year Secret is Evidence for Global Flood?

Bible Rebuttals

Miscellaneous Rebuttals

How Good Are Those Young Earth Arguments?





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 To learn more about old earth creationism, see Old Earth Belief, or check out the article Can You Be A Christian and Believe in an Old Earth?  

 Feel free to check out more of this website.  Our goal is to provide rebuttals to the bad science behind young earth creationism, and honor God by properly presenting His creation.