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Black Holes and Hovind


Review by Greg Neyman

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First published 2005


     In an effort to explain black holes to his followers, Mr. Kent Hovind put an article on his website (Creation Science Evangelism) giving a very brief explanation of them (see What About Black Holes?).

     Mr. Hovind argues that scientists use the "black hole" theory to explain the distribution of matter in space.  Scientists need these "theoretical" black holes for the Big Bang theory to work.  In the final sentence, he says "I don't know if black holes exist or not, but their existence is not proven." 

     Mr. Hovind needs to check the latest in scientific discoveries.  Scientists have been studying actual black holes since 2000 (see the articles below).  Hovind's misinformation is being fed to thousands of Christians who accept his word as gospel.  He should delete this article.  In reality, if he deleted every article on his website that was based on bad science, his website would cease to exist.

     To be fair, Hovind is not the only one doubting black holes.  Answers In Genesis' Michael Oard (a meteorologist) also questions their existence.  To be fair, this article is dated 1995, which begs another question...if black holes have moved from theory to fact, then why doesn't Answers In Genesis delete this article?  Interestingly, another Answers in Genesis article talks about black holes in such a manner that their existence is believed to be true (see Gravity by Don DeYoung).  Why the contradiction on the AiG website?  They have so many pages of misinformation that it is hard to keep up with each one's impact upon the others.  (AiG even reports in Creation magazine, Volume 17, Issue 1, about a black hole discovery).

Enormous Black Holes Formed in Early Universe (

Second Black Hole Found in Milky Way's center (

Hawking Radiation (



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