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What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Review by Greg Neyman

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First published 20 March 2006

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     One of the featured articles in the Dinosaur section of Kent Hovind's website, Creation Science Evangelism, asks the question "What Happened to the Dinosaurs?"1  The author, John Whitmore, starts out with a glowing description of what he claims is a dinosaur...the description for behemoth from Job 40.  He then poses the question of how could the writer of Job know so accurately the description of a dinosaur if it were extinct?

     However, the description Whitmore (and Job) tells about is probably not an apatosaurus (for more, see Job 40-41).  Whitmore goes on to say that the majority of books "assume" that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.  This is an assumption that creationists love to pin on evolution, but its not true.  It is not based on an is based on the scientific evidence...cold, hard facts.

    Whitmore moves on quickly, mentioning that most believe the extinction was caused by a meteor, but that most ignore the most obvious answer...the flood.  However, the flood fails miserably as a theory for the extinction of the dinosaurs (see Dinosuar Extinction). 

     Next, Whitmore says that dinosaurs would have been on the ark.  This also proves to be a useless theory.  Suppose there were two raptor-kind, and two t-rex "kind" on the ark.  Not even young earth creationists will argue that these are not unique species.  When they are let off the ark, what kind of environment will they find after a global flood?  They will find a wasteland, with no plants growing, no natural food source for these two meat-eaters.  (Remember, at this point, the young earth theory claims that animals became carnivorous.)  So, what would these dinosaurs eat?

     There are only two options.  First, Noah could have taken extra food on the ark...enough to sustain all the animals for several more years.  However, space limitations prohibit this (young earth creationist John Woodmorappe, who did a study of the volume of the ark, based the food requirement upon only the time spent on the ark).  Second, these animals would start preying on whatever food was available...cattle, horses, humans, etc.  Therefore, we would be extinct, along with all the other species.  Finally, when all the food was gone, the dinosaurs would die.  This scenario leads to an empty ball in space.  Clearly, there were no dinosaurs on the ark.

     Finally, Whitmore gives examples of what he implies are eyewitness accounts of dinosaurs.  Cave drawings in North America, legends from China and England, aboriginal paintings of plesiosaurs (a plesiosaur is not a dinosaur).  However, in these instances, one thing is obvious.  All these locations have many dinosaur fossils.  Therefore, the artists were merely drawing the creatures based on the fossils.  They were the first paleontologists! (See Paleontology Pioneers.)

     Whitmore goes on to say "Evolution serves as the foundation basis for the religions of humanism and atheism."  This is true.  However, evolution is what you make of it.  It can also be the basis of Christian belief.   If one accepts evolution, and long ages, one can still accept the doctrines of the Bible, and believe in an inerrant, literal interpretation of Genesis.  He goes on to say "Creation serves as the foundational basis for Christianity."  Not so...CHRIST serves as the foundation for Christianity.  Here Whitmore elevates the Creation to the point of idol worship.  The creation has no impact upon any doctrines, especially that of salvation.

     He closes with "There is a danger of becoming so indoctrinated by evolutionary thinking that we become closed to the creation alternative."  There is also the danger of becoming so wrapped up in creation that you lose sight of Christ.  I urge everyone, focus on what's truly important, Jesus Christ, and not on creation.  The creation gives God glory, but only Christ can save us from our sins.


1  What Happened to the Dinosaurs, by John Whitmore.  Posted on the Creation Science Evangelism website at

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