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       Young earth ministry Answers in Genesis opened their $100 million dollar ark exhibit in Williamstown, KY on 7 July 2016.  This page contains links, and short commentary, about the Ark Encounter, it's financing, the science of the Ark, the science and the Flood, and general news articles.

   While many old earth creationists accept the Noah story as factual, the Ark Encounter promotes young earth creationism, and a global flood, which is not scientifically supported by any evidence. This new attraction multiplies the growing rift between young earth creationism and science, is bad for the church as a whole.


Ark Encounter Reviews

My Review of Ken Ham's Ark Encounter Theme Park - Very thorough review from a blogger, with pictures

Ark Park is Impressive Woodcraft, But it's "Facts" Don't Hold Water (Review by a Christian on

More coming soon


Ark Financing

The ark was financed with $28 million in donations, and $62 million in TIFs, through unsecured bonds. In addition, AiG will receive $18 million in tax rebates, and the workers at the ark will pay a 2% income tax, that goes directly to pay off the ark.
   Contrary to Ken Ham's claim, the ark is mostly paid for via tax money. He claims it was not constructed with tax money, which is only a half-truth. True, the $62 million bond money is not tax money, but tax money pays off the bonds. Tax money did not build the ark up front...its just paying off the ark construction costs down the road.
   If Ham had been honest up front, and explained that tax money would pay for the ark, the public outcry would have been far worse, so he hid the truth in order to sway public opinion.

Apparently, Answers in Genesis' Ark Encounter Construction Is Being Mostly Funded by Tax Dollars (Off-site)


"No Tax Money is Being Used for the Construction of The Ark." Repeat As Often As Needed - OEM, 2 February


Answers in Genesis Wins Tax Battle, Christians Lose - OEM, 28 January.

Ark Science

Old Earth Ministries, and many old earth Christians, accept the story of Noah's ark as real, although we believe in a local flood, as opposed to a global flood, for which there is no scientific evidence. This collection of articles addresses the Ark Encounter, and previous young earth claims about the Ark.

The Ark's Food Problem

Two of Every Kind - Answers Magazine claim about the 'kind' argument

Ark Study Flawed - An expose of a faulty study of the ark by young earth creationists

Noah's Ark Does Not Prove a Young Earth - Rebuttal of a popular young earth claim

Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study - A review of this young earth book

If All Elephants and Other Proboscideans are "One Kind", Why Can't All Primates be "One Kind"? - A great question to ponder

Noah's Floating Zoo - by Dr. Hugh Ross.  Offsite.  Opens a new browser window

Refuting Compromise, Chapter 8 - Rebuttal to "The Global Flood and Noah's Ark"

The Answers Book, Chapter 13 - Rebuttal to "How Did the Animals Fit on Noah's Ark?"

General News

The ark has generated a lot of articles. This is just a sampling.

Freedom from Religion Foundation Urges IRS to Investigate Ark Encounter - Huffington Post, updated 20 January.


Noah's Ark Rises in Kentucky, Dinosaurs and All - Newsweek Magazine. Details AiG's plans to use tax money to fund the ark. 16 January 2016

Newsweek - or "News-Weak"? - Ken Ham's child-like response to the Newsweek article - 18 January

Ken Ham is Wrong; Newsweek’s Article About His Noah’s Ark Theme Park was Accurate - Patheos - 19 January


Kentucky GOP Introduces Bill That Would Promote Creationism By Delaying School Start Date NCRM, 11 January


New Faith-Based Job Listing at Ark Encounter Proves Kentucky Was Lied To -  Patheos, 26 November.

Flood Science

This section of articles addresses the science behind the young earth global flood model, and presents old earth alternatives (a local flood)

General Articles

Where Was the Flood of Noah? - Presents the Caspian Sea scenario


Carbon Dioxide and the Flood - Absolute proof that Noah's Flood did not cause an Ice Age


Flood Legends - Do 270+ flood legends from cultures all over the world support a young earth?


The Defeat of Flood Geology by Flood Geology - Article by Phil Senter, originally published by the National Center for Science Education


Problems With A Global Flood - Scientific reasoning showing why a global flood is impossible


The Genesis Flood: Why the Bible says it Must be Local, by Rich Deem


How Should We Interpret the Genesis Flood Account?  From the theistic evolution website BioLogos.


Why I Think the Local Flood Interpretation Is More Plausible - By Evan Minton

Geology and the Flood 

Green River Formation and the Flood- A weak attempt to tie this varve formation to the global flood model


The Navajo Sandstone - Another young earth flood theory with insurmountable problems


Noah’s Flood – Is the Young Earth Model for Noah’s Flood right?


The Hydroplate Theory - A review of this young earth theory


Catastrophism, or Uniformitarianism? - What's the difference? Not as much as you think!


The Waters of the Flood - Was it Global or Local?


Noah's Flood: A Bird's Eye View - More support for a Local Flood event


Giant's Causeway - Volcanic Evidence of Noah's Flood?


While the Flood Rages, Termites Dig, Dinosaurs Dance and Cicadas Sing

Flood Geology's Abominable Mystery - Examines the fossil record of plant pollen and spores in light of the predictions of flood and standard geology 


Mid-Ocean Ridges Record Dozens of Ice Ages over Millions of Years    From Age of Rocks.


Christian Geologists on Noah's Flood: Biblical and Scientific Shortcomings of Flood Geology 


Flood Geology of the Mountains of Ararat - off-site link Age of Rocks

Rock Layers and the Flood 

Coconino Sandstone – This rock formation in the Grand Canyon area is said to have been formed by the Flood of Noah. However, the authors missed some key contradictions


The Desert Problem – All it takes is one wind-deposited desert in the geologic record to disprove the young earth model


The Floating Forest Theory Sinks - Young-earth creationists have proposed that there were floating forests to explain the coal beds that we see in the strata today. This article logically sinks this theory


Chalk from Noah’s Flood? – Young-earth scientists claim that all chalk layers were produced during the Flood. However, can the Flood even produce chalk?


Stratigraphy - Or, can the Global Flood of Noah produce all the rock layers we see in the Grand Canyon?


Carbonate Hardgrounds DIsprove the Global Flood


Can we trace rock layers across continents only because of Noah’s Flood? - off-site link Age of Rocks

Dinosaurs and the Flood 

Dinosaur Evidences for an Old Earth - Dinosaurs prove that Noah’s Flood did not kill the dinosaurs


Dinosaur Extinction – Can the young-earth model explain dinosaur extinction?

Fossils and the Flood 

30 Year Secret? - A bunch of mammoths, killed in a flood, prove nothing about a global flood


The Permian Extinction - Is it evidence for Noah's Flood?


Human Fossils – Young-earth proponents claim there would not be any human fossils from the Flood of Noah. Can this be true?


Buried Birth – Do rapidly buried fossils prove a young earth?


Insect Beds – Do fossil insects give evidence of Noah’s Flood?


The Fossil Record – Are old-earth theories weakened by a changing fossil record?


Why the Flood is not Global - Examines fossil and other evidence


Amber and the Flood

Young Earth Claims 

Canyon Deception – Can a modern canyon that formed in six days give evidence of the Flood being able to create the Grand Canyon?


Missing Rivers – Do absence of Canyon forming rivers mean anything?


Creationist Stratigraphy – Is such a thing feasible?


Redwood Hoax?  – Redwood Trees provide no evidence for Noah’s Flood


Joggins Fossil Cliffs – Are fossil trees proof of Noah’s Flood?


Yellowstone Petrified Forests  – Rebuttal of the Petrified forest theory


God's Broken Promise? - If Noah's Flood was local, then do local floods today mean that God broke his promise not to flood the earth again?


Universality of the Flood - Does the universal implications of the flood account support only the young earth viewpoint?








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