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Creation Museum Tour: Main Hall

Published as an AiG Daily Feature on 18 September 2012.  This review published on 12 Feb 2013


Review by Greg Neyman

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    In this second article about the online Creation Museum tour, "AiG Staff" writers introduce visitors to the main hall of the museum.1 (To view the Main Hall, or any other area of the museum, see Answers in Genesis virtual tour page.)

     The main hall serves as a portal to the main display areas of the museum.  Visitors are greeted by many display, which the authors claim are "top notch" in quality.  Included in this area are live creatures, with birds and amphibians, and video monitors explaining the design features of these creatures.  As an old earth creationist, I too say that God created them, so this area presents no problems. 

     The author mentions a waterfall that plunges into an aquarium, which contains fish, some of which are called "living fossils."  To be honest, this term is not accurate.  YEC's point to animals that are in the fossil record, but are also still alive, as living fossils.  All it means is that this animal has not gone extinct yet.  Calling it a living fossil has no meaning, and it has nothing to do with God's creation...a so-called living fossil does not support either a young earth or an old earth.

     Next up is probably one of the most famous displays at the museum, two animatronic children playing alongside young tyrannosaurs.  About this, the author states "...the Creation Museum promotes the biblical teaching that all land animals-even dinosaurs-were created on Day Six, the same day as man."  As an old earth creationist, I agree with this statement, but my interpretation of Day Six being millions of years long is different from AiG's interpretation.  There is absolutely no evidence of dinosaurs and man being together.  If that were true, when the great flood of Noah happened, we would expect to see dinosaur and human fossils together, but dinosaur and human fossils are separated by hundreds and thousands of feet of sediment, indicating a vast time period between the two.  This display is not motivated by scientific fact, but by necessity--a young earth belief system requires that dinosaurs and man be together in time, irregardless of the scientific evidence.  Therefore it is man's interpretation of the Word that yields us this fanciful display, and not God's Word itself.

     Several more displays are mentioned.  First, a fossil of one fish eating another, proving to the young earth creationist that fossils form rapidly (from rapid burial).  Old earth creationists, and even secular scientists, also believe that some fossils are rapidly buried.  However, rapid burial does not prove the earth is young.  Yes, rapid burial happens throughout the millions of years of geologic history...not from a global flood, but from individual flood events, underwater events, landslides, etc.  The proof these are individual events is in the stratrigraphy of the geologic record.  For example, in the western United States, we find evidence of fossils (formed by rapid burial) throughout thousands of feet of sediment.  And in between these layers, we have clear evidence for desert sandstones.  How can a dry, desert-deposited sandstone occur right in the middle of Noah's Flood?  These fossils were not created by the same flood, but by different flood events over millions of years, and they are separated by hundreds, or even thousands of feet of sediment.

     Second, a display video teaches visitors about the vast differences between humans and chimpanzees.  I'm sure this is intended to disprove our evolution from apes, but not much information is given on this display.  Finally, there is a display of rocks and minerals, meteorites, and large dinosaurs.


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