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Australia's Aborigines ... Did they see Dinosaurs?

Volume 21, Issue 1, December 1998


Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published 10 Mar 2003


     In an Answers In Genesis website article, author Rebecca Driver paints a tale of the Australian Aborigines and dinosaurs, alleging that they coexisted, and had first-hand knowledge of these beasts.1

     This is not much different from my other article on dinosaur rock art (click here).   Most likely, what we have here are people who have seen dinosaur fossils in the rock record, and tall tales grew up about them, and were passed down through the ages.  Is there proof of this?  No.  However, is there proof that dinosaurs lived hundreds of years ago?  No, there are no recent dinosaur bones...they are buried deep in the fossil record.  All we have are the fairy tales of aboriginal people (and thus, the fairy tales of young earth creation science). 

     If dinosaurs did live only a few hundred years ago, we would have fossil evidence of this...there is NONE.

     At the end of the article, the author tries to lend credibility to the story by equating the tale of the man-eating kangaroo.  While it is doubtful that an oral legend from the actual creature would have come from 20,000 years ago, it lends no credibility to the dinosaur thesis stated earlier in her article.  Again, this could be tales that grew from fossils, or it may be that there was an outbreak of rabies, causing the local kangaroos to attack anything that came near, including humans. 

     The moral of this story…you can't do good scientific work that is based on fairy tales.        

1  Creation Magazine, Volume 21, Issue 1, pages 24-27.  Posted on the web at



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