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Old Earth Ministries and Answers in Genesis - What's the Difference


    No, this is not Answers in Genesis!  So what's the difference?

     Both websites are operated by Biblical creationists, and had the name "Answers" (Old Earth Ministries was formerly called Answers In Creation).  The fundamental difference between the two is where the 'answers' come from.  Answers in Genesis gets their answers from their interpretation of Genesis (hence the name Answers in Genesis), whereas Answers In Creation gets their answers from God's creation.  In 2012, our name was changed so that people would not be confused by the two similar names.

     The chart below shows the differences between these two websites.


Topic Old Earth Ministries Answers in Genesis
Belief in Inerrancy and a Literal Interpretation Yes.  However, we recognize that many old earth Christians do not believe in inerrancy and a literal interpretation, and we respect their choice. Yes
Belief in the Fall of Man Yes Yes
Belief in Jesus as the only Savior Yes Yes
Length of Creation Billions of Years Six 24-hour days
Belief in the Flood of Noah Local Flood Global Flood
Answers? From the Bible and from the works of God, his creative acts.  God's creation is a record of how He created.  The scientific evidence of this world and universe can be used to understand how God created. From their interpretation of Genesis.  Their 'Answers' do not come from the Bible, but from their interpretation of the Bible.  A young earth interpretation of God's Word is to be believed first, and then scientific facts should be made to fit this belief.  In young earth belief, man-made 'interpretation' of Scripture is elevated to a position of being inerrant.
What about other beliefs It's ok to believe in a young earth or an old earth, with or without evolution, as long as you believe in Jesus as your Savior Old earth belief has serious theological flaws and should be avoided. This belief is based on their 'man-made' interpretations of the Scriptures
Annual Budget $439 $22 million
Employees None (one volunteer) 276
Annual Website Visitors 350,000  12 Million + 
Visitors per budget dollar 797 Less than 1








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Feel free to check out more of this website.  Our goal is to provide rebuttals to the bad science behind young earth creationism, and honor God by properly presenting His creation.