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Flinders Fossil

Volume 5, Issue 1, June 1982


by Greg Neyman

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First Published 29 January 2003


     Young earth creation science advocate Carl Wieland tells about the time he found a partially petrified piece of wood in Australia (Fascinating Flinders Fossil Find).1  Apparently, this specimen was natural, fibrous soft wood on one end, and hard, fossil on the other end.

     I'm sure, being the kind of thorough, researching scientist that Carl Wieland is, that he kept this fossil, and we can see it today.  Or, with such a strange find, that many a research paper has been done on it, so the geologists of the world can read about it.  So, where are they?  Why is the only article in the young earth creation science publication Creation Ex Nihilo, and not in any recognized trade journals?

     I don't doubt he found it, but even if he did, it proves nothing.  The wood is obviously in an area of high silica composition.  If one half of the wood were exposed to ground water, and the other half not, I don't doubt that you could fossilize part of it quickly.

     Here's the real clue that this article proves nothing.  Nowhere in this article does he claim that the fossil was dated as being "millions" of years old.  It is just a fossil, with no date associated with it.  Without a "false date," he proves nothing.  This is especially true, when you consider the young earth creation science errors when it comes to petrification (click here).


1  Creation Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 1.  Published on the web at



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