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     Six Day Creation is the ministry of young earth creation science advocate Charlie Liebert, who does speaking engagements in churches.  The official name of the website is Creation, Dinosaurs, and the Flood.  Mr. Liebert will tell you all about geology and the flood, despite the fact that he has no formal training in geology!

     Many of his arguments come straight off of Answers in Genesis list of arguments that creationists should not use.  He has some other strange ideas too.    Interestingly, at one time on his website, Charlie claimed to have an extremely rare T-rex skull reproduction which he uses in his presentations.  You can buy one of these "extremely rare" skulls here.




   Getting All Those Animals on the Ark

   The Global Flood of Mars?

   God's Judgment and the Flood

   Ice Age Chronology

   Mount Saint Helens Evidence for Creation

   Noah's Flood and Dinosaur Extinction

   Noah's Flood Waters

   Pre-Flood Conditions and Giantism




   Evolution's Problem - Spontaneous Generation

   Gigantism in the Fossil Record

   Missing Rivers

   Mount Saint Helens

   Young Earth and the Grand Tetons




   Did Men Encounter Dinosaurs

   Evolutionary Dinosaur DNA Nonsense 

   Paleontology's Imagination 




   Light During Creation Days 1-3

   Numbering and Observing the Stars

   Star of Bethlehem




   Adam Naming the Animals

   Evolution in Creationism?

   Lizard Scales and Bird Feathers

   Natural Selection and Bears




   Credible Creation Scientists?

   Complexity of Life Overwhelms Chance?

   Teaching the Evidence

   Textbook Nonsense

   A Young Earth Essential to Biblical Belief?



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 To learn more about old earth creationism, see Old Earth Belief, or check out the article Can You Be A Christian and Believe in an Old Earth?  

 Feel free to check out more of this website.  Our goal is to provide rebuttals to the bad science behind young earth creationism, and honor God by properly presenting His creation.