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The Grand Tetons


Review by Greg Neyman

First Published 2006


    In an article on the Creation, Dinosaurs and the Flood website, young earth creation science advocate Charlie Liebert argues that the Grand Teton mountain range looks young.1

     This is a common trick of young earth creationists.  They date the geologic feature based on the "looks."   However, they turn right around and accuse old earth geologists of dating features based on their "ancient appearance (see Islands).  They want it both ways!

     Liebert, who is not a geologist, mentions that 1,000 feet should have eroded off every one million years, and since the Tetons formed 20 million years ago, that there should be evidence for 20,000 feet of erosion in the Grand Tetons.  He mentions that there is much broken rock, and very little sand and fine material.

     I have no clue where Liebert gets this erosion claim.  In the first place, the Teton uplift occurred 9 million years ago, not 20 million years ago.  The Teton range is the youngest of the mountain ranges that comprise the Rocky Mountains.  One would not expect to see massive amounts of erosion here.  If one looks at the Rocky Mountains in general, which date to an uplift 65 million years ago, there is more erosion in these older mountains than in the Tetons.  And, if you look at the Appalachians, which date to an uplift about 440 million years ago, one will see massive erosion there. 

     There is no mention in any of the geologic literature about 20,000 feet of the Tetons being eroded away.  Liebert apparently pulls this data out of thin air to impress his readers.  He should leave geology to the geologists.

     As I've said in the Islands article mentioned is a bad idea to date a geologic feature based on its "looks."  Young earth creationists should avoid this bad scientific practice.


1  Young Earth at the Grand Tetons, published on the web at



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