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Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published September 2005


    The book Frozen In Time: The Woolly Mammoth, The Ice Age, and the Bible, is by young earth creation science advocate Michael Oard.  The edition being reviewed is a paperback, First Printing, October 2004, ISBN Number 0-89051-418-6.

     Intrigued by the apparent problems of uniformitarian scientists to answer questions about the woolly mammoth, Oard set out to write a book to answer most of the questions.  The book supports his single Ice Age theory, which in-turn supports the idea that the earth is only 6,000-10,000 years old.  The book was published by Master Books, the publishing arm of the young earth creation science movement (Master Books was founded by YECs, because no reputable publishing company would publish young earth creation science books).   

    As is typical of book reviews on this website, if the material does not have any impact upon the age of the earth issue, it will not be addressed.  Hence, there may be sections of the book where multiple pages are skipped.  To fully understand the review, one should obtain a book from their church library or a friend.

     On the whole, the book provides a lot of good information about the woolly mammoth, and about the problems associated with its extinction.  The book also contains much information about the ice ages and glaciation, although due to the young earth creation science bias of the author, much of it is presented in a manner that makes the secular scientists look like they don't have a clue about these issues.  In reality, scientists have a very good picture of the multiple ice ages.  Sure there are problems, but nothing that would indicate overall that the multiple glaciation theory is incorrect. 

     As is typical with young earth creation science books, the author uses quotes from scientific sources, which cast doubt upon the secular scientists' solutions to the quoted problems.  Oard uses these quotes effectively to set up straw-man arguments, so that when he provides the solution to these so-called problems, the young earth reader will accept them as "gospel."  Due to the nature of the young earth culture, readers are expected to blindly accept the words of this so-called expert (Oard is known at Answers in Genesis as "Mr. Ice Age").  This book will no doubt be effective at training young earth creationists in Ice Age arguments.  To confront these false arguments, it is necessary for old earth creationists to know the truth behind their claims.  This review aims to provide that to the old earth creationist.



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