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The Battle for the Beginning

By John MacArthur


Review by Greg Neyman

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Review Published  July-August 2005


     The Battle for the Beginning: Creation, Evolution, and the Bible, by John MacArthur, was published in 2001.  The edition being reviewed is soft cover, ISBN number 0-7852-7159-7. 

     For those of you who do not know of John MacArthur, he is widely known from his radio program, Grace to You, which is heard on hundreds of radio stations each weekday.  He is a very popular speaker, and very effectively teaches from the Word.  I have listened to numerous broadcasts, and usually find edification in the listening.  He is also a popular author, and I have read some of his books, most of which do not deal with creation science.

     As is true with many bible scholars, forays into fields of research other than theology produces less than satisfactory work.  Such is the case here.  To his credit, MacArthur does not claim to be a scientist.  However, that does not stop him from including scientific facts as arguments, many of which are erroneous.

    To date, this is the most emotional young earth book I have read.  This book practically drips with emotions, and contains very few scientific facts to prove a young earth. 

     Books from Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research try to present scientific facts to back up their story, but this book, from someone not associated with scientific research, contains very little beyond its highly-charged words.  It will undoubtedly provide edification to the young earth creation science reader, but if anyone is willing to look underneath the emotional rhetoric, they will notice the lack of evidence. 



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