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Human Rights for Chimpanzees?

25 March 2006


Review by Greg Neyman

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      On 25 March 2006 Answers in Genesis young earth proponent Paul Taylor proposed the idea that chimpanzees would soon be granted the same rights as humans.1   The basic premise of his argument is that some evolutionists are now proposing that the chimpanzee be reclassified into the Homo genus, possibly with the name Homo troglodytes

     While this is indeed interesting, Taylor is merely presenting a ridiculous scenario that all humans know will not happen.  Why make such an argument?  It's all about energizing the young earth creation science base into action. 

     Answers in Genesis wants its followers to be emotionally involved, and this argument is meant to do just that.  Clearly the claim that chimps could be granted the same rights as humans is not true.  But it provides young earth creation science with a great opportunity to spout out some words which will emotionally charge their followers.

   Due to the abandonment of young earth creation science, by more and more people, Answers in Genesis and other young earth organizations are looking for any kind of edge that they can get in the battle for people's beliefs.  Because they know they cannot convince the rest of the world using scientific data, they must resort to these types of emotional arguments.

    If this is true, then why are scientific evidences presented by young earth creation scientists?  They know that their own audience, the young earth creation science believer, will accept their scientific arguments as fact.  They are merely trying to stop the bleeding, as more and more people abandon young earth creation science.

    Articles such as this, with wild examples that clearly could not happen, speak volumes about the state of young earth creationism.    


1  Human Rights for Chimpanzees?, by Paul Taylor, published at



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