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Neanderthal Hunter     Welcome to the Answers In Creation All About Neanderthal page.  Here you will find links and information about this hominid species, from both a creation and non-creation perspective.  Neanderthal is very interesting from a creation perspective because of the young earth ministries hard-line stance on the issue.  Answers In Genesis, Creation Ministries International, and the Institute for Creation Research all claim that Neanderthals were fully human, and descendants of Adam and Eve.   However, the scientific evidence states otherwise, proving them dead wrong.   However, Neanderthal fits well with an old earth creationist interpretation of God's creation.


 In the News


Neanderthal Man Speaks

Neanderthal Women Hunted Alongside Men

Neanderthal Life Forced Cannibalism

Mapping Neanderthal's Genome

Neanderthal DNA Shows No Breeding with Humans


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All About Neanderthal

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 Habitat and Range




Neanderthal In Popular Culture

Neanderthals have been portrayed in books and movies, and in America in GEICO Insurance commercials

Clan of the Cave Bear (1986 - Movie)

The Neanderthal Man (1953 - Movie)


Neanderthal on TV


Neanderthal: The Rebirth is airing on The Science Channel in early May

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Discovery Channel and The Science Channel occasionally schedule shows about Neanderthal.


Neanderthal Books

Want to learn more about Neanderthal?  Check out these books.




False Young Earth Theories About Neanderthal


AiG's Neanderthal Sequencing Problem - Discusses an Answers in Genesis claim that DNA sequencing is flawed

Neanderthal-Human Hybrid Fossil - Examines a young earth discussion of an apparent hybrid fossil claim

Neanderthal Intelligence - A discussion of a young earth claim based on Neanderthal brain size

A Little Neanderthal In Everyone - Examines a young earth claim related to a study that claimed that Europeans may be as much as 5 percent Neanderthal

Creationist Arguments: Neanderthal - From

Cro-Magnon - Addresses a young earth claim that Cro-Magnon man (and Neanderthal) were descendants of Adam and Eve

Other Articles


Neanderthal Species Distinct from Humans - Discusses a scientific comparison between human and Neanderthal skulls

Christian Responses to the Spiritual and Physical Status of Neanderthals - The Natural Historian

Neanderthal Websites



Neandertals: A Cyber Perspective

Images of Neandertals