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Studies in Flood Geology


Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published August 2005


(Since this book is not commonly read, a complete review may not be published for some time.  When I read the first article, though, I decided to write this review immediately, to give readers an idea of the bad science involved.)


    The book Studies In Flood Geology, is by John Woodmorappe.  The edition being reviewed is a paperback, Second Edition, 1999, ISBN Number 0-932766-54-4.

     This book is a collection of research articles in support of young earth creationism and the Flood.   There are a total of nine articles, ranging from 7 pages to 56 pages in length.  The author is a long-time contributor to young earth creation science literature.  He is most famous for his treatise on radiometric dating, and for his study on Noah's Ark. 

    His name is a pseudonym.  This is not an issue, though, as many writers mask their own names.  Many have criticized him for it, because he references his own work within his articles.  I don't see a problem with else would he continue to mask his identity if he referred to his real name.  John, keep using the pseudonym.



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