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Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe

Chapter 10: Early Peoples of the Southwest


Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published 9 April 2003


     This chapter is more or less irrelevant to the formation of the Grand Canyon, although it is interesting reading.  The authors present it in order to give their creation science model some support from flood legends of the Native Americans.  They do this because the science they propose for the canyon is weak, and they seek to appeal to the emotions of the reader, hoping to lend credibility to their work from these flood tales. 

     However, since you can’t explain the Grand Canyon as being the product of the Global Flood and subsequent post-flood erosion, these stories have no bearing on the creation of the canyon.  In short, I prefer to look to the hard evidence that we see in the rock record, rather than to the fairy tales of men, to explain the Grand Canyon.

     Am I saying these fairy tales are false…no.  I’m merely saying it is not good science to use them to explain the Grand Canyon.



     If you are not a Christian, and you have been holding out on making a decision for Christ because the Church always preached a message that was contrary to what you saw in the scientific world, then rest assured that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and you can believe in Christ and receive salvation, while still believing in an old earth.  Click here for more.


    Are you a Christian who believes in young earth creationism?  Now that we have shown the many difficulties of the young earth creation science model in this and many other articles, how does this impact your Christian life?  If you are a young earth creationism believer, click here.



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