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Technical Journal (TJ)

Ripples of Galaxies

TJ, Volume 19, Issue 1, April 2005


Review by Greg Neyman

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First Published 30 August 2006

     In an article in TJ, young earth creation science theorist Jason Lisle comments on a scientific report that there is a ripple pattern in the clustering of galaxies.  He claims that this is a blow to the Big Bang model of creation.1  (The article was also featured as the daily feature on the Creation Ministries International website on 30 August 2006). 

     This article is a little strange for an article in Technical Journal, as it is not very "technical."  Lisle gives some general information about galaxies, and then proceeds to tell about the scientists method of interpretation.  He claims that we both have the same data (typical of young earth claims), but that the interpretation of that data is different.  This is true.  Whereas secular scientists have interpreted the data based solely upon science, Lisle has based his interpretation not on the facts, but upon his preconceived notion that the earth is young, based on his faulty biblical methods. 

     His main point in this article is that the secular scientist "assumes that the big bang is true."  This assumption is based upon other scientific facts which confirm the Big Bang.  The young earth creation propoganda machine has long said that the Big Bang is in trouble, when in reality, it has only been getting stronger and stronger as a theory. 

     Of course, we can say the same thing about Lisle.  Whereas he claims the scientists "assume" the Big Bang is true, we can say that he "assumes" that the universe is young.  He cannot prove this through science, and can only issue weak arguments against the Big Bang, arguments which contain no science.

     Another one of his main points is this...

The big bang, however, has been refuted on the basis of both Scripture and good science. For example, the big bang is not compatible with the order, timescale and cause of the events of creation as recorded in Genesis. Really, the big bang is a secular opponent of the biblical framework.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.  Scripture does not indicate clearly that the earth is young.  And, after many years of young earth claims, we are still waiting for their "good science" that refutes the Big Bang.  The Big Bang is compatible with Genesis, and millions of Christians believe in the Big Bang and the Bible.  There is no problem accepting a literal, inerrant interpretation of Genesis, and the Big Bang.

     Finally, Lisle mentions that the stars and galaxies were created on Day 4 of the creation week.  Within the old earth interpretation, the stars, sun, and moon became plainly visible on this day, but were previously existing.  One must keep in mind that the creation account is written from the perspective of a person standing on the surface of the earth.  From his point of view, they were first observed this day.  For more on the order of creation, see Genesis 1


1  Lisle, Jason, ‘Ripples’ of galaxies—another blow to the big bang, TJ 19(1): April 2005.  Available online at



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