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Asteroid Dinosaur Killer Theory in Danger?


By Greg Neyman

© 2009, Old Earth Ministries

First Published 11 June 09


     Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research reported recently that new data from geologic studies indicates that the Chicxulub meteor impact at the end of the Cretaceous Period did not wipe out the dinosaurs.1  

     This may be news to young earth creationists, but the field of geology has been examining the evidences for dinosaur extinction for several decades now.  Ever since the meteor theory was proposed, it was never considered to be the complete picture.  Paleontologists have proposed many other factors, in addition to the meteor, as playing a role in the dinosaur's demise.  For example, massive volcanic activity (the Deccan Traps) and sea level regression are thought to have played a major role as well.

     So, what about Thomas' claim that "Strata Data Axes Asteroid Dinosaur Demise?"  The new data collected by the research Thomas is referring to only bolsters the long held belief that the dinosaur extinction was an event with multiple causes.  It reinforces the currently-held belief in a multi-faceted approach, and does not eliminate the meteor strike from the picture at all.  We still have a meteor strike, approximately 65 million years ago, that led to the extinction of many species.

     Another significant point is not mentioned by Thomas.  The study in question claims that the Chicxulub crater was formed 300,000 years prior to the K-T boundary.  If this is true, then the crater that caused the fallout of iridium at the K-T boundary has not yet been found.  Therefore, we still have a valid meteor strike at the K-T boundary, but we have not identified the crater for this event.  Therefore, contrary to Thomas' claim, scientists have not eliminated a meteor strike as a cause in the extinction of the dinosaurs.

     This is a common tactic of young earth creationist writers.  They find some theory in science where there is not 100 percent agreement, and they point out the differences to try and show that the old earth scientists cannot agree.  However, old earth scientists do agree on one thing...the earth is billions of years old.  A disagreement over a theory in the scientific community is not evidence for a young earth, which is what this article implies.  


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