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Stone Blades


By Greg Neyman

© 2009, Old Earth Ministries

First Published 10 Apr 09


     The use of tools by pre-Adamic man is the topic of an article by Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research.  He reports that anthropologists used to believe that stone knives were developed about 40,000 years ago, and then after stone blades were discovered in strata that dated to 200,000 years, the anthropologists had to adjust their beliefs.1 

     In this new report, news that blades have been found in rock layers from Kenya which date to about 500,000 years old.  Thomas claims that "this news is "frustrating to evolutionary anthropologists," and he states that "another major alteration is needed to accommodate the new data." 

     He is partially right.  An alteration will be made, but it is not out of "frustration."  This is a perfect example of science at work.  As new discoveries are made, theories are adjusted and dates are changed.  This does not mean the original theories were wrong.  It just means they were based on the evidence available at the time, and now that new evidence is available, they can be fine-tuned to provide a clearer picture of what really happened. 

     Thomas then paints a picture of when the knives could have been made within the context of a young earth.  The only problem is that science does not in any way support the idea that the earth is young.  All scientific evidence points to an ancient earth.  How then do these young earth creationists blindly follow a path that has no basis in fact?  Glenn Morton, a former young earth creationist, sums it up best in an article that explains how they filter out negative information (often without even realizing it).  Please take a moment to read about it in the article Morton's Demon. 




1  Stone Blades Cut Back Evolutionary Dates, by Brain Thomas, Institute for Creation Research, 10 April 2009.


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