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     Old Earth Ministries has two main purposes.  First, we provide a Christian witness to the scientific community.  Since most of this community believes in an old earth, we, as old earth creationists, are uniquely positioned to provide this witness.    

     When it comes to Christians and creation science, there are two major positions one can believe in.  The first group believes that the earth was created 6,000 years ago, and testify that the days of creation in the book of Genesis are literal, 24-hour days.  For purposes of identification these people on this website will be referred to as young earth.

     The second group, referred to as old earth, believes that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, and the "days" of creation are millions of years in duration.

     The second main purpose of this web site is to provide support to the old-earth believer.  Why is this site needed for this purpose?  The young earth believers have long argued that belief in an old earth compromises scripture, and the key doctrines of the Bible.  In many cases, young earth believers deny that old earth believers are Christians, and classify them as "unsaved." 

     It is because of this negative attitude toward old-earth believers that this website exists.  We are here to provide the necessary arguments to overcome young earth objections.  This is most easily done in the form of providing responses to young-earth claims, whether they be on their websites, in books, or other media.

     We are very thankful for the work of young earth creation scientists.  They have done much to strengthen the faith of their followers.  Anytime a Christian is made stronger in their faith, whether it be young-earth or old-earth, we should praise God.  However, in attacking the beliefs of the old-earth believers, they are in effect attacking fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

    What is our Christian responsibility in this matter?  The Bible says that if a brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault (Matthew 18:15).  Hopefully, through doing so, we will gain some respect in the young earth camp.

    Gaining acceptance will be an uphill battle.  Unfortunately, as you will see from this web site, the young earth scientific claims are very weak, and full of holes.  So why do they still hold to these untenable positions?  In a word...tradition.  You will see that the young earth world is full of false assumptions, deceits, and half-truths.  They have to resort to these methods because the science does not support their position.

     Most likely, you will still have negative responses from young earth believers.  Despite the fact the evidence is against them, they will usually fall back on their faith, and will claim that if something does not fit their model, then it must be reevaluated until it short, they will never give in.  Because they display this type of  attitude, they require our prayer and support.

    Our goal is not to convert the young earther into an old earther.  They can continue on in their young earth belief, and lead effective Christian lives.  Our goal is simply to come to a better understanding of both sides, in the hope of mutual acceptance.  The truth is, we are all Christians, and as such, we should not interfere in the ministries that we all have.

    To show how this interference can have a negative impact, Dr. Hugh Ross, a leading old earth scientist, tells a story in his book "Creation and Time," about an evangelistic attempt on his part to witness to a group of scientists.1  Unfortunately, several young earth creationists found out he would be giving a speech, and drove hundreds of miles, just to interrupt his speech and ruin the proceeding.  Let us pray that some individuals there are not lost to hell, because of the foolishness of these young earth proponents.  In their misplaced zealousness, they may have caused some to be lost forever.

    The bottom line is this...since the age of the earth does not change the basic doctrine of salvation (or any other doctrine), then...who cares?  In the end it won't make a bit of difference who is right.  As long as both are furthering the kingdom of God by winning converts from their prospective audiences, then the average Christian should gain from the growth of the body of Christ.

     If we can in some way gain acceptance and put an end to the needless mud-slinging practiced by the young earthers, then this web site will have been useful.   

    Our message for the young earther is... this is not the Biblical response expected from a mature Christian.  Please re-think your position as a brother in Christ, and have an open mind toward the old-earth "enemies."

     For the old earther...continue on in your belief, and keep strong in the faith.


1 Creation and Time, by Dr. Hugh Ross, page 86.