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"Polonium Halos" Refuted


     Young earth creation science advocates have made a mountain out of a molehill in their use of radioactive halos to support their cause.  However, when you look at the truth behind their claims, you see major problems.

     Geologist Tom Bailleul takes a  look at the main proponent of these claims, Robert Gentry, and his website,   He shows that for the claimed polonium haloes there is no good evidence they are the result of polonium decay as opposed to any other radioactive isotope, or even that they are caused by radioactivity at all.  Gentry is taken to task for selective use of evidence, faulty experiment design, mistakes in geology and physics, and unscientific principles of investigation and argument style.

     To view this article, click on this link (opens a new window).

     In addition, J. Richard Wakefield has done an analysis of Gentry's evidence as well.  It also reveals major problems with Gentry's work and conclusion.  The Geology of Gentry's "Tiny Mystery" may be read by clicking here.

     Another article on this website that you may find interesting is contained in the book review of the young earth book Thousands...not BillionsChapter 5 of this book addresses polonium halos.

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